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(Trmsg) how do i start sending emails?

You will receive a server dedicated IP with FTP access and software sent unlimited mails you can created unlimited smtp relays , with a business email domain (webmail) you do not need hosting, and you will receive information from your secure server SSL / TLS settings smtp, to connect server, and start sent the emails, Successfully .

The SMTP server can connect by any bulk email marketing software.
we accept at our service Trmsg, all affiliate link is also short link, we Accpete

Trmsg (Email Marketing) Sending Very Fast.

Our goal and current inboxing rate is 100%. We calculate this number through third-party partners who measure the top 45 email domains out there (i.e., Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, icloud , Hotmail, AOL, etc.).

Send 2 million emails

  • APIs, SMTP Relay, and Webhooks
    Sending Per Month 2 Millions
    Sending Per day Unlimited emails
    Dedicated IP addresse (IPv6)
    + POP3 and IMAP (Setup)
    Business email Webmail Link
    Software bulk emails
    Validator Emails
    Delivery Optimization Tools
    PowerMTA (Setup)
    Virtualmin control panel DNS Setup Free
    PHP Mailer
    Rate inbox 10/10

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